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Here at Beacon Scaffolding, we have a team of commercial scaffolders who are proud to supply and erect scaffolding in London. Having offered our commercial scaffolding services in London for over 30 years now, we’re here to cater to your every need. We have years of experience in offering commercial scaffolding in London, which has allowed us to work on projects of any size. Simply give our team a call today to find out more about our commercial scaffolding services in London. We’ll work closely with you and your needs to provide the best possible service for your commercial scaffolding.

As one of the leading commercial scaffolders in London, Beacon Scaffolding are here to offer a comprehensive range of systems and platforms for our clients. All erections are carried out by a fully trained, highly skilled member of our team. No job is ever too small or too large for our scaffolders, so call on our team for the best possible service. We’re confident to say that we will have all your requirements covered, so let Beacon Scaffolding take care of your commercial scaffolding in London.

Experienced Scaffolders in London

There’s no limit to the size of the project our scaffolders can undertake and manage anything from small domestic tasks to large industrial companies. We provide a first class scaffolding design service which incorporates scaffolding health and safety. Our professional scaffolders can meet all of your scaffolding needs for both long and short term projects, there’s no limit at Beacon Scaffolding.

When it comes to safety, at Beacon Scaffolding in London, it’s paramount, all of our colleagues undergo regular training at various levels of expertise. Our team ensure that all of our operatives comply with regulations, as well as making sure that installations undergo regular inspections.

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Commercial Scaffolding Platforms

Over our time of providing commercial scaffolding in London, Beacon Scaffolding have developed a great understanding for our clients needs. Some of the most popular types of commercial scaffolding we install include…

  • Temporary roof structures
  • Support scaffolding
  • Walk access scaffolding
  • Access platforms
  • Stair tower scaffolding


We also offer a range of commercial scaffolding services for large or small scale projects across London, some of which include:

  • Access scaffolds
  • Bird cage scaffold
  • Site protection
  • Crash deck scaffold
  • Temporary Roofs
  • System Staircases
  • Edge Protection & Handrails
  • Hoist & Lifting Solutions
  • Gantry scaffold
  • Mobile towers
  • Scaffold sheeting
  • Scaffold debris netting
  • Scaffold Inspection
  • Alarm system
  • Licence application
  • Long term and short term hire available
  • Rubbish chute


The list above is just a few of the most popular commercial scaffolding services we offer. Regardless of the type of commercial scaffolding you require, it’s good to know that Beacon Scaffolding can supply your scaffolding. For more information on our scaffolding services, be sure to get in touch with Beacon Scaffolding today and we’ll do our best to help.

Commercial Scaffolding Services across London

With a team of commercial scaffolders on hand to attend to your scaffolding and platform needs, Beacon Scaffolding are always just a phone call away. We have honed and developed an incredible reputation throughout London for our commercial scaffolders. No matter your business, the amount of scaffolding, or the type of scaffolding you require, Beacon Scaffolding will work closely with you. If you’re looking for commercial scaffolding in London, Beacon Scaffolding are the experienced, reliable, and reputable team to call.


Our projects

At Beacon Scaffolding we’ve provided a range of commercial projects across London and the surrounding areas, from office blocks to retail units, our clients have varied. So should you be a building contractor or a demolition firm, our reliable scaffolding services are perfect. At Beacon Scaffolding our team will work towards the importance of your budget and timescale, disruptions during trading hours can cause downtime for your customers, so our team focuses on being fast and efficient without compromising health and safety.


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If you require commercial scaffolding in London, let Beacon Scaffolding come to your call. We have been offering commercial scaffolding in London and the surrounding areas for over 30 years, so let our team erect your scaffolding in a safe and secure manner. Our team of commercial scaffolders can supply scaffolding for almost any purpose, so waste no time and get in touch with Beacon Scaffolding today. We will be happy to help with all your needs regarding commercial scaffolding in London.

We also provide domestic scaffolding services, scaffolding design, specialist scaffolding and health and safety services.

We also offer our Commercial Scaffolding services throughout Wembley, Camden, Islington, Haringey, Tower Hamlets and Redbridge.


Uneven, sloping, rugged ground will not pose a problem for scaffolding. The scaffolding we provide includes adjustable vertical components which will tackle any lumps or bumps you may experience. It’s a good idea to have it installed by professionals, so if you’re concerned about the ground on which you want scaffolding, contact out team today.

Steel and aluminium are the most popular materials for scaffolding, aluminium is more expensive because it’s more durable and is the wiser choice when you need a scaffold for a long period of time. We recommend this for larger and more time-consuming projects, aluminium is often the preference with customers who only need the scaffolding for a short period of time.

All working platforms and edge protection should be inspected before each use, when there’s been significant alterations made to it and after adverse weather like heavy rain, strong winds and snow. This is because all of the above can affect the strength or security of the scaffold. The scaffold should also be checked regularly, we recommend that it’s checked once a week to ensure that it is still safe. You can be sure that we’ll thoroughly and regularly inspect all of our scaffolding.

When it comes to commercial scaffolding, this will usually require a permit. Should it cover a road or path, then you’ll need a permit, don’t worry though, at Beacon Scaffolding we can help you arrange this, simply speak to our team and we’ll discuss this with your prior to the scaffolding erection.

The team at Beacon Scaffolding have over 30 years experience in the scaffolding industry, so when you choose us for your domestic scaffolding, you can trust that you’re in the right hands. For more information, simply call our team.